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  2. shak

  3. what was outcome on this as mines got very similar symptoms cheers
  4. re connected power on car and turn ign on clocks are fine but once turn over clocks die and make a clicking sound any ideas
  5. I know this is strange but I’ve just bought a 94 mk3 golf vr6 and the washer lines are a complete mess under the bonnet could anyone possible inform me of the route they should be going in? photos would help a lot as I want to tidy them up
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  8. Vr6 N/A stage 2 mods?

    have you done the usually air filter, cams,upgrade tappets, exhaust, 6 branch manifold .I would get all mods done before the remap. will work better with the remap
  9. vr6 95 n

    cheers tinny m8 👍👍
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  11. vr6 95 n

    Yes my old car spent lots of money on the car and went to lots of shows in it and it was a sad sale 3.5 years ago if i had time to look after it again i would buy it back It has been well looked after since i sold it and lots more money spent on it good look with sale and i still miss her
  12. Hi Dave, no not to my knowledge, but he drives perfectly all the same. I actually looked into renewing the gearbox oil and filter and even the diff oil too (differential oil is separate with the 01M gearbox) and to the discouragement of my trusted car mechanic (ex-Volkswagen technician) with 25+ years of experience and after comprehensive research on the internet regarding this matter, they said it truly is a case of 'if it's working well, don't try and fix it'. Of course opinions will differ but the majority of folks say; if it feels good, leave well alone. Also worth mentioning I have several spare mechanical and cosmetic parts for the interior and exterior of the car which could be included in the sale. Thanks for the inquiry.
  13. Vr6 N/A stage 2 mods?

    Hi, I've just gone for a stage two chip for my vr6 while it was getting a immob delete, what supporting modifications will help? Thanks [emoji5]
  14. vr6 95 n

    very clean needs to be seen and driven. 😊👍
  15. vr6 95 n

    thanks fella 👍 yeah tinny I bought it off 3 and half years back he had it 13 yrs or so cheers cabbs.
  16. vr6 95 n

    That cars been in this club for many years. Good luck with the sale bro.
  17. vr6 95 n

    cheers noggin it is credit to previouse owner tidy vr6 thanks 👍
  18. vr6 95 n

    Tidy looking car. GLWS.
  19. vr6 95 n

    spairs include original headlights fogs spare windows alternators various also have 5 oil filters for it.
  20. vr6 95 n

    got the number wrong 07770348813
  21. vr6 95 n

    reggretably selling my vr6 4 door black 147000 miles just serviced. Stacks of history had for 3 and half years great car bought of a club member tinny loads spent lots of spairs real headturner gets comments wherever it goes becoming collectable now I could go on all day lol 😁 but anyone interested pm me or call more details 0770348813. thanks I'm looking for 3300 on original bbs refurbed in gold new tires.or 3700 the ones on the car cost 1000 with new uniroyal tires.
  22. posting advert

    hi all some help on posting an advert for my vr6.
  23. posting advert

    hi all some help on posting an advert for my vr6.
  24. Vr lumpy idle on cold start

    turns out the obd2 ecu I purchased was faulty , Vince replaced my ecu and all is good with the starting etc now ive just got an intermittent misfire so going down the coilpack route , new coilpack fitted March 2018 but only a £60 eBay one ,
  25. Glass

  26. 18” Rotiforms INDt’s

    Hey all, my Rotiform INDt’s are up for grabs. After £700 notes and no swaps. Collection from Hertfordshire. Specs: 18” Rotiform INDt’s. 5x100 F 8.5J ET35 R 9.5J ET35 These wheels have been Custom Diamond Cut and Painted. They were off my R32 and have all been cleaned up nice. No kerbing. Ping me over a text if interested. 07732817870 TIA MJ
  27. VR6 lower timing case seal

    thanks mate ,your a star
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