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  2. Selling a pair of black leather rear seat interior cards for mk3 Golf VR6. Acquired 2 extras but not needed. £15 the pair or offers. Based in Gloucester. Can arrange delivery if not too far just let me know.
  3. Selling a set of Blue Colour Concept door card for 3 door Mk3 Golf GTI or VR6. In really good condition just changed my mind and went with a black leather interior. Just need them gone £40 the set or open to offers. Gloucester based. Can arrange delivery if not too far just let me know
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  5. VR6 Highline badges

    There is a difference. See you other post for photos!
  6. VR6 Highline badges

    Regular VR6 badge. Highline Badge.
  7. VR6 Highline badges

    Yes. The highline badge is a black rectangle with VR6 in the middle. A non-highline badge is like a silver cut out VR6. I'll post some pics for you.
  8. Wanted golf Vr6 3 door

    There is one for sale by jtrott1977 on here.
  9. The definitive remapping thread

    Since you bring up the immo aspect I ordered a kessy. I will clone it and use it as a spare. I ordered a used on with the same part number. Do you recommend any tools for ecu and kessy cloning? I found a post where the guy used carprog to clone the kessy. http://www.codecard.eu/carprog/software/programmer/s4-7-kessy-tool-a8-toureg-phaeton-cayenne-pin-code-reader/prod_167.html For ecu flashing I will use galletto and nefmoto flasher. I also have a genuine ftdi obd cable. If I can do without boot mode it's be great but i was told I will have to open both original and spare ecu to clone.
  10. The definitive remapping thread

    What you can do on these or any ecu really, depends on how well, or not, your flashing tool interacts with the ecu plus what you use to read the data with. You can get tools that will not only give you the flash but also the mcu etc as well, even then the data within it could be off depending on what tools you are using to read/reverse it. Even if you use a normal tool and just get the usual data/eeprom for flashing like on most tools, then even then tools can vary on the data given, a point I was trying to get at in the BDE tuning thread - some tools you'll have rpm data there to change as you wish, some will cover it up so you don't change the rpm's accidentally or they'll shift things around for safety reasons. So it simply comes down to the tools you're using, their protocols/how they interact with the ecu, not all will just cross over all the data. Not only that but on later ones like ST10 you have immo in the mcu aspects and so on to think about when you flash, THEN it depends on how well your reversing/reading tools are too it seems!
  11. Does anyone recognise this car.

    Last mot stated the following if that helps
  12. Does anyone recognise this car.

    Hi trying to track down more information about this car and hoped some on here might know it's history due to it having a vr6 owners club sticker on it.A friend of mine brought it as a track car but he has no idea what it has done as the history has gone missing . Cheers rob
  13. VR6 Highline badges

    I don’t think there is.
  14. VR6 Highline badges

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the front grill "VR6" badge is any different between a Highline and standard VR6. Thanks Shaun
  15. VR6 Highline badges

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the front grill "VR6" badge is any different between a Highline and standard VR6. Thanks Shaun
  16. Golf VR6 - 3dr

    Bump Price Reduced £2275 or sensible offers considered
  17. 12v AAA turbo build

    Hi newbie here, been touring to register for months but it has only just let me for some reason. Currently building a mk2 golf syncro/haldex set up with a turbo 12v AAA. Block has gone away for rebore today and fitting wossner pistons and pec rods. Will be using the 24v head gasket to get compression back up slightly. My question is I'm looking to run 5-600 Bhp on standalone management already have emerald k6+, was looking to have head potted with 2mm oversize inlet and over size exhaust super tech valves, with shrick 268s and springs and using a gtx3582r on a tubular manifold. Is this necessary or over kill? Currently havent bought cams or valves but will need to know in the next few weeks. Only found contradicting stuff so far online. Tia Tim
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  19. Car Sally james

  20. 4Motion Noisy power Steering ?

    Hi I've just ordered a new pump for mine so I'll let you no iv had the same problem for a couple of weeks now my new pump will be on to day or in morning I'll put the results of the outgoing of it on this for you pal
  21. The definitive remapping thread

    I get it but not there yet :-) I was thinking of it like this: ecu is a computer which runs an operating system. When you flash it you're installing the operating system of your choice. I thought the flash/eeprom programming will make the ecu a full clone of the original if the hardware is the same. The closest I can get is an ecu with the same letters for a 3.2 VR6 Touareg but not the same engine. I'll start with this one and see how it goes. This is my first attempt at ecu cloning and this is only a personal project to have a spare ecu so sorry to bother you with basic stuff: What kind of data is there in the comparison pics? I mean is it flash or eeprom or something else? I can upload an eeprom dump of my ecu if that helps.
  22. The definitive remapping thread

    I know what you are saying but even with the same letters there can be differences, not that they wouldn't cross flash although there can be problems there as mentioned, just that maps alone have differences. BT is coming up as a Porsche Cayenne ecu with some people touting it as Porsche and Toureg. As an example this is a Cayenne one against and VR6 24V one (032T v's 032BM) - you can see a very similar structure (green) but you can also see differences between maps due to all the reasons mentioned. Like I say, if you don't know how to modify this data it could have problems, best bet is to get as close to your model as possible if not the same one and take it from there! Best answer I can give you without looking at the ori reads directly and reversing them a bit.
  23. The definitive remapping thread

    Thanks for the info. I understand that reading flash/eeprom from my 022 906 032 BE and writing it 022 906 032 BT will be hit and miss? I don't plan to do a plug and play swap. I want to create a clone spare ecu based on the content of my ecu, no tuning.
  24. The definitive remapping thread

    All ME7.1.1. are 022906032 - the variances between them are; inlet only vvt, full inlet, 2 point exhaust vvt, 02 number variances and limiters and removals market depending, engine and cyl volume variances in the ecu, dsg v manual, hfm maps and the evolution of the c166 which I think has at least 3 variances (early c167, c167 evolution/hybrid and st10) and differences in protocols/immo aspects between c167's and st10's, so certain tools can work on early but not the later st10........ these are just some of the differences off the top of my head between the 022 906 032 only on VW/Audi 2.8's and 3.2's, let alone anything else that may use 022 906 032! You can have 2 identical letters like the mk5 CD here but they can have differences in them, this is usually market led and some tweaks to maps to suit if I remember right - Otherwise variances like CD v CE can be the same ecu's for the market but one is auto/dsg and one is manual. You can modify the data to suit if you know what you are doing like dsg/manual swaps like I showed Hummel below how to start doing it, but if not, I would try and get the exact same one or as close as possible in your market http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=15195.msg120364#msg120364 EDIT - Only read your post, just realised that I have already mentioned the differences above some time ago- either way, quite a few to note.
  25. The definitive remapping thread

    Guys, a bit off-topic: Are me7.1.1 ecus with same part number except last two letters interchangeable or not? Example: 022 906 032 BE Can I replace with 022 906 032 BT ?
  26. Looking for some pictures of what people have done to route the oil return line for a Vortech V2. Is there any way to avoid drilling? I’ll be starting the install soon and need to get this type of thing done in advance so it’s as easy as can be on the day I bolt everything on.
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  28. Wanted golf Vr6 3 door

    Fire me over some pics and details please thanks
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