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  3. OBX LSD

    This guy takes the OBX 02J LSD and upgrades it for success. Good information for the OBX.
  4. Hello from Australia

    Kinda as in my sister is living in the land of OZ.
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  6. Hello from Australia

    Hi there, I had a Corrado VR6 many years ago back in the Isle of Man.. Pic below. I've been living in Australia for 7 years now and Corrados are as rare as hens teeth here. I'd give my right arm to get hold of one! Any other Aussies on here? Cheers Simon
  7. sgaites

  8. Z engineering supercharger zr1

    Hi first post on the forum just wondering if you still have this charger setup as I need to ask a few questions
  9. Get her to Titanic Dubs.
  10. Car Insurance Offer

    CAR INSURANCE OFFER We know we have to be competitive on price to win your business but how do we get you to request a Chris Knott quote in the first place? Bribery! Simple as that... If you value personal service when it comes to covering your lovely car and you want to be sure you'll receive any ongoing support that you need, Chris Knott should be on you list of car insurance providers to try. As an extra incentive for you to get in touch, we'll automatically enter you for our current draw if you request a quote before 31/10. You could WIN one of 3x Comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover policies (each worth £63). Full prize details: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rewards/2020/win-uk-breakdown-cover/ Simply call us on 0800 917 2274 (and mention this forum) to receive your special car club member quote and secure your entry. What's more, as a Chris Knott client you'll then qualify for extra discounts on your other policies PLUS our Recommend a Friend scheme. best, Nick
  11. Are you a lurker?

  12. Are you a lurker?

    Howzit. My name is Lee, was born in South Africa where every seconded modified car is a vw. Lol, now I live in Australia where golf's are rare, and vr6's are like hens teeth. There is only one thing that sounds better then the vr6 induction sound and that the vr6 exhaust tone...i have two older brothers and they are vdub craze aswell. I now own two mk3 vrGz. Currently saving money for and doing research on turbo conversation. Oh yeah almost forgot I was a lurker!
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