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  3. Work to do in the immediate future is a fuel filter change and also service the haldex unit along with oil changes for the rear diff and gearbox too.
  4. Then it was time to start gathering parts for the turbo build which hasn’t progressed to far, as I was made redundant and couldn’t justify spending money on it bar essential maintenance etc. My list of parts is as follows Manifold T3 Turbo PTE BB 62/66 CEA GenII .82AR Wastegate PTE 39mm SP oil filter housing for feed Short Runner Oil cooler 4” mag Custom DP 1000cc injectors probably ID 1000’s 044 fuel pump in surge tank Spacer gasket 8.5:1 Arp head studs Aem wideband Boost controller Ebay FMIC Clutch, recommendations 3” custom exhaust and 2.5” custom IC piping Software, unsure for now Sai and Egr delete Recirc valve Arp rod bolts New chains, guides, and tensioner R36 bearings My goal is for a solid 500 whp and I’m open to all opions out there and especially ones from those that have been here and done this already. To date I have purchased the precision turbo and 034 motorsport T3 manifold
  5. I also put the Bora wheels on for a road trip in Southern Ireland.
  6. Then the mods began and I picked up a dirt cheap Miltek cat back, custom cat delete pipes, ramair CAI, some used BBS CH replica wheels, and I added some bora sport clocks with miles to empty and the needle sweep.
  7. Now the real reason I joined up and enough of the diesel nonsense. Originally as I said I bought this 02 4MO with the intention of using it as a donor car for my Bora but that’s probably not going to happen. This was a cheap 108k 4MO I picked up for £1500 in 2017. It has factory xenons, heated sport leather, and full service history. As I bought it and after a darn good machine polish.
  8. Next we have the car I bought myself for my 24th birthday. This replaced a MK3 GTi 8v and was a totally standard Bora S model with steel wheels. I was it’s 2nd owner and it was only 2 years old when I bought it. I had the intention of making this 4 Motion eventually with the full drivetrain and motor from my Golf. I even bought a genuine 4 Motion Bora boot floor form the dealer but the more I plan the conversion the more I’m talking myself out of it. I may however buy a cheap V5 for parts and convert this form the derv it is now to the V5 and try a budget eBay turbo build. I’ll not bore you all with the spec apart from that everting has been touched and yes it’s derv but has been RR’d at 230+bhp and 350+lb/ft
  9. Next up is the wife’s and kid carrier. A 2010 A6 Le Mans 2.0 CrTDI. Totally standard bar the full ceramic coating. Great comfy cruiser for the family and this was a very low mileage example. It replaced her rare Seat Toledo sport TDi that had a full Cupra kit, hybrid turbo, big brakes, and some 220bhp on tap.
  10. Ok first things first are the family wagons. Having owned VW’s since I was 23, I’ve not had that many tbh and still have one I bought myself for my 24th birthday (38 now). I’ve had two MK 3’s, a Polo breadvan and a random E36 318i touring before finally ending up with the four cars I have now. My daily is a boring old 05 Passat Highline Derv which I bought as a Cat D at well less than market value. It was a one owner car and had been serviced exceptionally well. I had the whole thing pained when some numpty in a DPD van decided he would just indicate and drive into the side of me. I also added an economy remap, factory xenons, W8 bumper with headlight washers, 312 brakes, 16” sport wheels, and a full dab system. Car is going strength to strength at 180k mikes so far.
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  12. I have a black VR6 Highline. It has been in the family from new in 1996 (it was my husbands company car). I am looking for the VR6 logo protective strip that goes on the surface of the floor cill under the passenger door. Would any one have one or is anyone breaking a VR6? Debs
  13. Hi all

    Hello and welcome to the party.
  14. Hi all

    Hi peeps, I’ve been registered from 2011 but never posted. Shame on me. I have a 4 VAG group cars just now with 3 being derv and one a 02 V6 4MO golf. I reside in Northern Ireland so am mostly in the sticks as they say. hoping for plenty of advice and tips as I’m eventually planning on turbocharging it. Will start a what’s in the fleet thread laters. Cheers Gavin
  15. Mk3 golf o/s front wing oem

    Hi Looking for a drivers side front wing for my vr Resto , needs to be oem in good condition any colour , as cars in body shop for repaint
  16. jesse

  17. As topic above!I am wondering the mk4 golf vr6 12v is better torque than the corrado vr6, so by upgrade to mk4 golf vr6 12v (AFP) camshaft is it going to gain performance?
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  19. Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    After cleaning the injectors the car ran loads better by I was still not confident that they were delivering equal fuel supply to each cylinder. With a planned switch to E85 to take advantage of its cooling properties we installed these 225lbs (2360cc) Billet Atomizer injectors With plans to visit SantaPod we fitted these 245/40/18 M&H race master street radials After a few trips out on the road (sorry [emoji51] no none incriminating videos taken) we had a disaster when the Fluid Dampir crank pulley decided to come off. New bolt made and standard pulley fitted With that fixed we were off to Santapod Then I hit the strip The car needs lots of adjustment and setting up. The first run the car would not rev past the launch rev limiter i set at 4000rpm so a disappointing 16.01 pass was recorded The next pass without the launch on this time the car bogged on the line hard but flew for the second half to net another disappointing 15.89 Given that the car should be more than capable of 10 second quarters I was a bit gutted. That feeling only grew as I drove back to the pits after the second run and started to hear the faint and ever growing sound of rod knock After pulling the head and being able to push piston no 5 down I knew it was definitely goosed. Time for a rebuild
  20. I recently bought a 2001 golf vr6 and have NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. I understand basic car mechanics but this is my first vw so I guess this is also a gauge of the helpfulness of the community (nudge,nudge). Joking aside, I was ignorant in checking the car over before i bought it and now I have discovered that there is some kind of vacuum tube coming out of the back of the intake manifold that is disconnected on one side(the side going towards the intake drivers side) and the end going towards the manifold has broken at the nipple? Grommet? Idk what to call it but the piece that connects the hose to the manifold is broken and he tried to GLUE IT BACK. I guess it held as long as it needed to... those 2 tubes are connected by a t-fitting and the 3rd tube i have not ran down yet... MY QUESTION is what is this tube? Where does the one tube that goes towards the drivers side intake actually need to be plugged in? and what is the piece that connects the bottom tube in the T to the manifold? part numbers or just an idea of what to look for would be nice. Thank you every one in advance, I will try to upload my pics of the 'T' but I am not very good at computers so good luck to me
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  22. First day home (No wash)
  23. Need Motor Built

    Does anyone know of any good shops that can build/put together my new motor (VR6 AFP) in Arizona near Tucson? I still need the block bored also. [The basics of the build] Resurfaced head with lightweight lifters & TT valve kit (already in one piece) via Emerald Coast Motorsports ARP Hardware Comp Clutch street series (stage 2) & Lightweight Flywheel Wossner 82mm pistons IE rods I have the gaskets,new oil pump,and other parts that came still attached to the new motor. Will transfer some parts from the old to new motor. Thanks for viewing
  24. griff287


    Happy New Year! And the winner is... Mr M Woods - a member of Volvo Owners Club. We hope to post a pic on social media, of the happy winner using his Karcher, in the coming days. You can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisKnottIns or Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ChrisKnottIns I'd love to hear from members what you'd like us to offer as a prize in the next draw. We've offered Amazon vouchers, pressure washers, driving days, dashcams, etc in the past but do you have any fresh ideas you'd like us to consider? As a side note, we've only been back at work for 3 days and we've already reached 31% of our January new business target - car club members and enthusiasts are using us to save money on their car insurance and it's working. Thanks for including us when getting your quotes. We share our earnings with the club for every policy sold to a member. Receive a quote from Chris Knott by calling 0800 917 2274 or request a callback at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote/?ref=VR6 best, Nick
  26. Golf mk4 2.8 v6 4motion turbo to 300bhp

    300hp is very, very low boost, 10-12psi only would net you in-between 350-400hp depending on efficiency! You could run stock comp for 300hp+ but for longevity's sake try and replace as many nuts/bolts etc as you can if adding a de-comp plate and of course add an intercooler for the charge. Injectors would generally be dictated by what tune you are running, try and stick with Bosch if you can, 550's are popular but again, depends on the tune usually. As for turbo, a good HX35 with 11-13cm turbine housing would be a good choice or maybe something from one of the JDM type of companies.... eg's; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Holset-HX35-pro-Twin-Scroll-12-cm2-with-T3-housing-550-Hp-Turbocharger/302711176971?epid=573825696&hash=item467afdff0b:g:z6MAAOSw~AVYqwjC:rk:7:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kinugawa-Ball-Bearing-Turbo-3-GTX3076R-w-73-T3-V-Band-For-NISSAN-RB20-RB25DET/253621871266?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3D03799c529f134349b4da8c33110e9f3a%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D9%26sd%3D263824377313%26itm%3D253621871266&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kinugawa-Ball-Bearing-Turbo-4-GTX3076R-AR-82-T3-Internal-Wastegate-Swing-Valve/253621812504?epid=23017064854&hash=item3b0d09bd18:g:y70AAOSws4JW8Q3~:rk:14:pf:0 Don't forget to check fitment for your exhaust manifold, spool on the turbine side AR, budget internal v external wastegate etc if on a budget.
  27. Hi, Im in serious consideration of purchasing a turbo kit my vr6 24v Im only after 300bhp max, i dont want to change internals, just a compression gasket i believe is a you need. Im not sure about injectors if anybody can advise?will i need 440 for 300bhp Ive been doing alot of research the main thing i cant make my mind up is which turbo? Can anybody please help on best choices or even a variation of turbos that can be used for the vr6 24v and even there pros and cons if possible. Im trying to avoid the expensive garrets at £1000 plus Many thanks Gaz
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