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  3. Hello All, Hope all are well and healthy !!! I have an MK3 2-door Golf VR6 and I would love to install an original keyless entry system. I have read somewhere there are some parts that need to be replaced for this to be done. Can anyone shine some light on this? Many many thanks. Saludos, Korsou
  4. Hey guys We have now migrate to AWS and have upgraded our forum software! Still plenty of work to do and some features are not yet working / updated but we are making progress!
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  6. What is the oem stock fan switch temp? 95c / 102c ?? Most do not show numbers when trying to order
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  8. Well done everything and fans still run once they reach temp 197f they dont shut off till engine is shut off and after the 5-10min but if i let it idle they never turn off stage 1 with the 71c thermastat they came on and shut off but was told not to run that cold of a thermastat so put the 180f back in going to try low temp switch next 😭
  9. I have one, off the road and dry stored at the minute. It needs a fair bit of work to make it mint but I'm slowly getting through it. Everything mechanical has been done over the past few years so it's all bodywork/cosmetic that needs doing now. It has newly powdercoated speedlines off the Corrado on it at the moment, all working electricals, ruined drivers seat base (looking at having both seat bases re-trimmed). Bubbling on both rear arches and on boot lid. Sills are knackered, front left of floorpan has rusted through. It needs an overhaul of the bodywo
  10. Thats fine Pete up for anything that helps keep this place going [emoji4].. will crank something out in a week or so to get things moving. I have some ideas
  11. Social media for you. our Facebook group is very busy - just seems that forums in general are on decline. will sort mod permissions tomorrow
  12. I wouldn't mind being a mod. I have been thinking lately how quite this place is. I started on my vr6 project and have been updating on here from the start.... shame no replies and certainly not like it used to be
  13. that would be great. We have loads of videos / photos on our Facebook / YouTube pages if you are able to get creative ? we are also in need of forum moderators to help clean up threads and to encourage more discussion / forum usage. cheers. pete
  14. Black Friday is great - but one-day deals aren't enough! That's why this year we're extending our discount so you can use it ANYTIME FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF 2020. 12 months' UK Breakdown Cover for the price of 11* Simply get a quote online or by phone and use PROMO CODE: SANTA226 to receive a discount on our comprehensive breakdown cover: - HomeStart - Roadside Assistance - Recovery - Onward Travel - Overnight Stay - 24hr Hire Car - Relief Driver - Message Relay - callouts for flat batteries, running out of fuel, accidental tyre damage and
  15. Car is still with the welder, the more he digs the more he finds. Im shocked how it passed an MOT i will be looking in to this. On the upside Atleast the car will be rust free
  16. Im quite handy at making promo vids etc. So would be helpful for promoting the club or any events etc
  17. So replaced with 160f thermostat and it ran too cold but fans worked like they should so i put the 180f back in since i didnt want to drive so cold but now back to sqaure one fans come on at 197 f and if i let car idle they never go off only after shut down do they go off after 5-10 min. Now going to try low temp thermo switch on radiator if that dont work think i might put 160f thermostat back in. Im i just fixing a. Car that should run like this is it normal to have fans on after every drive?
  18. Can someone tell me if the fans always on after drive? Mine are and then i shut car off they run for 5 min and shutoff Is this normal after every drive? My 2.0 the fans hardly ever come on.
  19. I get what you mean vr6pete with four kids, me and hubby are fostering as well as our own 3 kids so it is a busy life. I was thinking of using Instagram as well as Facebook as I am constantly on those media. Can I please get back to you with ideas? I have many friends who own vws so ley me get back to you. X
  20. Thanks ! That would be amazing if you are able to help. Please send me your paypal details for shop merch, I recently had all the stock sent back from the old shop manager but need to go through it and get all stock levels updated but with one thing or another (and having 4 children!) have not been able to do so yet so will for now refund your money until I can get chance to get shop updated and up and running etc… How do you think you can help to promote club etc… ?
  21. Good morning VR6Pete, it is sad times we are living in at present, I would love to be an ambassador for the club. I have however just purchased a jumper and renewed my club membership too its been a while and still haven't received my goods. But I would glady love to help promote and get the club back up and on its feet like old times. Its a very good club.
  22. Things have slowed down considerably with the club as of recent times, and we need your help to keep things running and help to reinvigorate our club. The VR6 Owners Club was founded over 18 years ago, however due to lower visitor and paid membership numbers we are at risk of losing almost 2 decades of information, posts, build threads, photos and guides. Social media has had a large impact on how users interact and the heart of the VR6 Owners Club was our community forum for many years. We have an active presence on social media, however we are unable to build se
  23. We switched to subscription based model nearly 2 years ago due to dropping membership numbers and to preserve the website and its information - being online for 18 years + now. Things are slower these days and Facebook has pretty much taken over on most part our group has over 19k members and our fan page has more than 32k followers. We are currently crowd-funding to help get things off the ground again as we need investment on our platform to be able to re-launch club membership welcome packs etc… however I am currently on my own here and no one seems to be willing t
  24. Thanks for raising this ! I will take a look
  25. Busy on the build, still waiting on more parts, but finished the ecu assembly and working on wiring now VID_20201107_165124.mp4
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